Petrol Lampshade with Gold Lining

Petrol Lampshade with Gold Lining

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Made from a rich petrol blue fabric and gold lining, the lampshade fabric has a beautiful finish that is further enhanced by the light reflecting on it as it creates an exquisite lighting display.

Please note this shade comes in the following colours……..

Circus Stripe Monochrome

Jet Black


Cloud Grey

GunMetal Grey

Slate Grey

Midnight Blue


Sky Blue


Egg Yolk Yellow

Sunshine Yellow

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Love Frankie lampshades are made using a high quality flame retardant PVC and an extensive range of sumptuous fabrics. Our frames are made with a 39mm European ring fitting with a 29mm UK reducing ring already fitted that will pop in and out if needed. Meaning all lampshades are suitable for both UK or European lamps or flex and fittings.

Metallic Shades:
Three layers of materials are used to make our Metallic lined shades; the foil lining, the pvc, then your chosen fabric. This allows the colour on the outside of the shade to stay lovely and rich. Please be aware however, that no light permeates through the side of the shade. The light is directional so will reflect off the copper or gold foil giving you a wonderfully warm golden glow from the top and bottom of the shade. The amount of light from the lampshade will depend on the size of the shade you order, ie: the bigger the shade, the more light you will receive.