Do you dare to be a bit different when it comes to styling your garden? Or do you play safe ?

When styling your garden, never forget that It is often used as another living space.


Photo: Wayne and Gerardine Hemmingeways Garden.

I hope that i'm not the only one to want something a little bit different in the garden from the usual high street garden furniture sets.

I find the high street retailers that stock garden furniture, so very uninspiring!!! everything is the same maybe the odd slightly different piece but thats not very often. I'm talking about the likes of B&Q i think you know which ones.

Don't get me wrong there are some unique online stylish home furniture websites that offer  garden ranges, I think that with using some ideas from the cool furniture sites (making sure your looking at the correct sites to be sure I will add some links at the end of the blog) and mixing it with some home made creations, i think you will then end up with a bespoke looking garden. Individual to your tastes and not what everyone has in their garden.

Shop around and do your research. Don't just rely on the normal high street stores.

Pallets are now a real craze, you can make everything from a bed to coffee table and also outside seating. Doing this saves money but protecting it correctly can last for years, as long as who ever is making it knows what they're doing.

Simple and easy to achieve. You can make as easy as you would like.

Simple and easy to achieve. You can make as easy as you would like.

This is a Wow factor for me.

This is a Wow factor for me.

Ok if you have a slightly larger budget then why not indulge yourself?

I adore this funky area, again other than the cost of the steps you could actually make this on a budget too. 

White walls are the perfect backdrop for showing of the lush Green plants, to finish this off for me it has to be the Pink Flamingo's and those stunning cushions. I'm not really a one for Pink but i think this is great. The biggest trend this year inside the home and outside is the tropical look used in fabrics and wallpaper. A big thumbs up for me.

I know living in the UK we don't come first in the queue for good sunny weather but when we do get it, it means a lot so get your garden ready with some cools ideas and make the most of what summer we have.

Places to shop for different and stylish garden furniture.

Have you got wasted space at the end of your garden ? Check out what you can do to utilise it.

There are many people that lack space in their current home, but may not want to move due to commitments, money, or just the love of the area that the house is situated in. Well here is one way of converting a garage and adding more room. Oh and don't forget adding value to your property as well. 👌🏻



Artificial grass allows your garden to look great all the time. Especially if you don't have the time for the maintenance of a natural lawn. This property in Wimbledon has added this extra living space at the end of the garden. 

Wait till you see inside! 


As you enter the space your welcomed by a kiddies heaven. Not only can this be used for all the toys that three boys can collect but also allows extra guest space, by simply adding a daybed that pulls out as a double. 

Thats not it! There's more  


Go through the door at the end of the bed and your in what was the garage, but hey it's another sporting area, basketball, football, table tennis? You name it you can play it in here. Plus keep some storage with the use of shelving along the side. 

Still there's more  


A fabulous shower room and toilet, with space saving sink. So when you have guests staying or your children are so involved with playing they don't have to go all the way upto to the house to use the bathroom.  

So this is how you make the most of your Garage and garden.  

Whats your favourite ornament ?

A little shopping trip to TK Maxx? 

If you don;t shop there for homeware goodies than now is the time to start.

TK Maxx rarely lets me down when it comes to really individual pieces.

My latest purchase was one of my favourite fruits, not  to eat or drink, but to place on the mantle piece. Although this isn't so much of an individual piece because you can find them in many interior shops at the moment as they really are a trend.

From Wallpaper, to ice buckets which have been going strong since the 70's to neon lights.

Neon Lights


A blast from the past





What do you reckon?

My Little Purchase

Pride Of Place

Now I have my eye on a Silver Cactus TK MAXX of course check out the link to find something special for your taste and your home.

Check out the best place to eat in Totnes! perfection

A last minute decision to jump on the train to Totnes on Friday night was a good one. I booked us into Rumour restaurant and bar, to check out what their culinary delights were. We were not disappointed. Check out the starters YUMMY

Vegetarian Bruschetta of the day perfect to share. Washed down with their best Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.

Vegetarian Bruschetta of the day perfect to share. Washed down with their best Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.

Main course was sea bass with scallops and like a pea puree stunning  flavours and just enough.

Main course was sea bass with scallops and like a pea puree stunning  flavours and just enough.

All in all what a fantastic place to eat, the atmosphere was great and of course my waitress was also the best although a little biased as she is my daughter.

I am also pleased to say that not only is the interior good and love the art work throughout. The toilets were clean and interior was carried through to the toilets.

Recommend all day check out the link below to see what  fantastic dishes they have on offer.

Get on and book your table.

If you like Burger joints and love cool interiors check this out!...........

Having recently traveled again to Portsmouth to watch a great football match with our local team Plymouth Argyle, we of course wanted to try some good cuisine. So we booked a table at Southsea Burger club. Also known as the Meat and Barrel.

You won't be disappointed by the interior check out the pictures below.

The mix of the very popular industrial look with the grand looking picture frames. The furniture was great very mismatched and consisted of mainly old school chairs and a couple of European style bistro metal chairs. You could also choose the sit and have a drink before sitting at your table on the old chesterfield settees scattered around.

In the above picture you can see the great design idea of storing their over stock of alcohol in these old style looking cages, which were also on castors.

So a good mixture of industrial looks from brickwork to steel RSJ's. Thumbs up from us. The food was also really good, Veggie burger and the Meat and Barrel burger were really tasty and the Olives were superb.

Ok now for the toilets !!!!

If you've ever read my blogs before, you will know that I always take a trip to the ladies to see how their cool interiors in the eating areas follow into the restrooms. I have to say that this is not always the case.

It wasn't great, check out below!.......

Ok the sink area was extremely clean, however the style ????? is no where near as stylish as the restaurant/bar! looks like they actually have left them and possibly these are the previous businesses toilets?

The sinks are clean however look a little like caravan sinks, with the very basic taps :-(

Then looking in to the toilet cubicles again they are really basic and quite un stylish. I may have looked a little to far into this one but when I do something at home I like to have everything finished properly. The coat hooks have different screw heads and its noticeable because the hooks are right in your eye line.

The final bit, you don't need toilet brushes in toilets if they are regularly checked. Otherwise they end up gathering dust. Along with the dusty door hinges.

So overall this restaurant and Burger bar is fabulous with their food, good range of beers and real ales. Great Interior, super cool ideas.

BUT do something with the toilets, it makes such a difference to the visit.

Look foward to hearing your comments.

I am sooooooo excited to write this Blog wanna find out why?

Well I have just found an AMAZING website that is selling something that I would put in every room if I could. As a great fan of Los Angeles and of course Las Vegas, I have a soft spot for anything Neon.

Take a trip to downtown Vegas Fremont street and you'll still see some of the old original neon signs. Failing that you could book in to have a tour of the Neon Museum,  pretty much like a place of rest for these fantastic creations.

So the photos above are a couple I took when i went and i thoroughly recommend.

The shapes the colours, in fact the whole complete design I LOVE.

So when I found the website Bag and Bones you can imagine how excited I was. Its difficult to find a good quality Neon light that doesn't look tacky here in the UK. You would have to ship them from the USA but all that hard work and worry of it breaking has been solved by these guys as they are located in London.

So come on please someone agree with me on how cool these are? 

See some of what they do below and then follow the link, also below ..........

These guys not only sell these delightfully cool lights but they also hire then out and you could also have them completly personalised.

So rather than bleet on about this amazing website check it out yourself. However I am looking forward to everyones thoughts and opinions.

3 examples of how to make your bathroom stand out!

Updating your bathroom? think outside the box!

There are many beautiful bathrooms in many family homes, from a modern sleek minimalistic look to a ocean/beach theme or just traditional.

All these options are great if this is your individual taste. Always design a bathroom for you and your family as its you thats using it everyday.

Just don't over look the heating options. Yes you can have under floor heating which is wonderful on a cold night. Nothing better than getting out of a hot steamy bath straight onto a hot tiled floor.

The other option available is the heated towel rail/radiator. Not just the ones your thinking of either i bet your thinking of something like the image below ?

was i right ????

Well here are the options that you probably don't know about.

Number 1 online company that really have got it right!

Following on from my blog post on Monday, where the topic was 5 ways to add shelving storage to a bathroom. Brings me to my clients bathroom.

Above the toilet and sink is a recess which is dead space. The need of a mirror above the sink was obvious, however i decided there should be some placing added above the mirror which would be a shelf to fit the width of the recess so from wall to wall.

The other two would be on the right side of the mirror.

I came across a company online that supply well made floating shelves. I had in my mind some oak floating shelves but the cost is way to high. Shelf direct offers lots of different designs covered with a lovely real wood veneer. You will be able to follow the link at the end of the blog to check these guys out.

They were kind enough to send me a selection of veneer strips which would give me a good indication of the finish.

We decided on the oak finish which to you is the end one on the right.

We decided on the oak finish which to you is the end one on the right.

So if you fancy getting your hands on some of these shelves then get in contact and request a couple of samples.

Heres the link for you guys.

Keep you eye out for the finished bathroom images, will be posting soon!!