De - clutter your house, the 10 most important de cluttering principles.

I saw this article and realised that some people may not find it easy to de- clutter their home/ belongings. This article explains that it doesn't have to be so daunting.  it gives a really helpful list from 1-10 on how easy it can be to de -clutter your home.


However when you are trying to sell your home and realise that it is not selling, then these steps can take a little too long.

When your house is being viewed by potential buyers, the first thing that they look at is the cosmetic apprearance, although you should always look further into the heart of the house and see its potential people do find it hard when there is clutter staring them in the face. 

This is enough to put anyone off buying as they can't see through it. 

I find that de - cluttering is the most satisfying thing you can do within your home. 

To be more organised makes me feel a lot less stressed, so that can't be bad right? 

once you've de cluttered don't forget, don't go out and buy something to replace it. You will be back right where you started.

If you can't bring yourself to de - clutter check out these top 29 brilliant day storage ideas.

Claire HornComment