Stand out tiles in a public toilet

Tiling in a toilet whether its for public use or in your home, tiles are one of the most important features, along with stylish fixtures and fittings, the first thing on my list would be the tiles.

We have such a wide selection nowadays and i don't just mean colours. The patterns that are available now really make a bathroom stand out and possibly can put your other rooms to shame.

Textures are also a massive part of a stylish tile. I have featured textured tiles in one of my previous blogs so check them out.

This is an image taken by my daughters latest visit to The Stable in Newquay.

Highly recommended The Stable is most certainly a place to visit in Newquay follow the link to book a table.

The interior throughout the whole restaurant reflects a stylish taste in decor as well a food.

The tiles are fab and the colour scheme fits perfectly with everything.

The tiles are fab and the colour scheme fits perfectly with everything.

One thing that i have noticed in a few public toilets is the use of wooden worktops. They look great but they don't seem to be treating the wood. Unlike your own bathrooms people don't seem to worry about splashing water everywhere especially below the soap dispenser and most of the time it can't be helped. So check out these couple of examples of where the wood hasn't been protected in the public toilets, with out the wood being sealed and treated makes the sink area shabby and unsightly.