Be creative with a blank wall.

All you need is sugar soap, a mini foam roller and tray, and some chalk board paint.

  1. Clean the area with Sugar soap, the one i used was Home base own brand and worked a treat as i had big splatters of fat on the wall, (accidental spill of oil). Follow instructions.
  2. Use masking tape if needed. I only needed to cover the small skirting board below and the ceiling.
  3. Pour a little chalkboard paint into the tray and roll a small amount onto the foam roller. Remember, do thin coats. It doesn't matter if the wall doesn't have a completely smooth surface because the foam roller will still cover. I used Rustoleum chalkboard paint also available in home base.
  4. Allow the wall to dry over night, and voila there is your chalk board. No more forgetting the important stuff on your shopping list.
  5. I needed something to store the chalk in, so decided to use this metal tea light holder from Ikea

I hope you enjoy being creative with your blank walls. Share your pictures if you have already got one of these useful chalk boards.

Claire HornComment