Natural wood flooring

So how many of you have natural wood floor boards? carefully sanded and varnished to their original pride and glory? Cleaning them and making sure they still look in great condition can be a little hard. However i have been an user of a few different Method products.

It started when i used to have a Black granite kitchen worktop. Every product i used left an awful smear and a cloudy film leaving the gloss granite very dull. If you have this problem try using the method granite cleaner.      

For a general cleaner i recommend the lavender multi purpose. Although finally my recent find is the wood floor cleaner squirt and mop. Great value for money as you don't end up wasting and pouring too much into a bucket. Literally do exactly what it says and squirt straight on those floor boards. The finish and clean up is great along with the Almond scent.

Claire HornComment