Great place to eat drink or even stay, The Hope and Anchor at Hopes Nose Kingsbridge

Firstly let me just say this place comes highly recommended. For being very stylish with great food and drink, great staff and is situated in a lovely setting. As you know I usually give my views of the toilet areas. As I love to see the interior styling continued from the eating area straight through to where it also need to be clean and stylish.

  1. Style of sink

  2. Cover up the storage. (who wants to see the toilet rolls ?)

  3. Flooring

What I would have changed.....

  1. I would have used a trough style sink with three taps with this I would change the waste traps so they are hidden.
  2. Get rid of the toilet rolls, if your struggling for space then add retro style tin boxes.
  3. I would choose a different colour a more natural slate. There are too many colours going on.