Interior styling project in Plymouth, Devon.

Tiziana and Guiliano contacted me as they were soon to be moving into their newly built 5 bedroom town house.

My job was to help with the styling of the whole house.

  • Flooring
  • Kitchen cupboards
  • Furniture
  • Blinds and curtains
  • Soft furnishings

This blog is to guide you through the steps of their project.

I will be keeping you all up to date with the progress, step by step.

To start off are a couple of images of the blank canvas i would be working on.

The front room.

The house was built by Cavanna. You can request added extras for example.....

TV, Arial and sockets can be moved if your planning to mount your Tv on the wall.

Make sure you plan this straight away as its not ideal to re locate, once the area has been decorated.

The flooring we used was from We used this flooring throughout the whole property. The bathrooms had Quickstep also but with a slate tile look. I asked to have the flooring laid before the skirting were added. This makes it look neater and appears to look more like original wood flooring. If this isn't possible you then have to place an edging strip to hide the gaps.

Keep an eye out for more images. As we progress with the project.

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