4 ways to tile your kitchen

So are you re fitting your kitchen? Or revamping it?  

These four steps are great ways of modernising your kitchen and giving it a breath of fresh air without changing the units.  



#1. If you have painted your kitchen a fab vibrant colour and want to follow it all the way round your splash back, without  interrupting it with tiles. With using clear glass this not only protects the paint from food spills but looks streamline and sleek.



#2 When replacing worktops, think bigger and use them as a back splash this makes a huge statement.  



#3. When using tiles, try and stay away from the straight edge, improvise with the shape of the tiles. Again this makes such a great statement.



#3. This photo speaks for itself, who would’ve thought that this wasn’t a continuation of a brick wall. I love this idea and how it flows through to the extension.  

Claire HornComment