What colour do you think a babies room should be decorated?

Whats the colour of your babies room?

What colour have you or did you decorate your babies room, ready for their arrival.

There are a few different views on this.

It should be calm gentle colours like cream or lemon,

It should be vibrant,

Dark, light? who knows.

I decorated my girls room in a bright blue and canary yellow, based on the cot bedding, and yes after 19 years i still have the bedding. Can't bring myself to get rid of it.

Yellow is a cheerful colour just think of the sun and that usually makes people smile. It also gives it a bright and fresh feel. Yellow is associated with happiness and i wanted nothing but happiness in her bedroom. However reports and studies have said that, if your child is extremely energetic in the day time and needs calming when its time for bed, then maybe bright yellow isn't the one for you! but you don't know this until your baby is obviously born. I gambled it and yes my first daughter was energetic, however she loved her sleep so made no difference to her what so ever.

Colder tones are meant to be more calming for a child are they ? Babies don't distinguish colours as well as well as older infants, but by around two months most babies can tell the difference between a colour and White.

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