Do you want a home office that doesn't overpower a room?

Finding a space saving way to utilise a small area for your home office.

Studying from home can be a bit of a pain when you don't have a designated room for an office. I love an office space to look cool and fit in well with the surrounding living area. Mine is in the dining room. So I don't want it to be an eyesore.

I have made the most of an Ikea storage unit, these are great for up right book cases, or as you will see in the picture below, I have laid it horizontally.

Ive added a basic basket to hide all the unsightly stationary items that you need, and paperwork that just doesn't look tidy left out.

Don't forget you don't have to place your books in a library fashion, try stacking them as well.

Keep the tops clear of unsightly clutter and to finish, download this funky retro style flip clock for your screen saver.