If you like Burger joints and love cool interiors check this out!...........

Having recently traveled again to Portsmouth to watch a great football match with our local team Plymouth Argyle, we of course wanted to try some good cuisine. So we booked a table at Southsea Burger club. Also known as the Meat and Barrel.

You won't be disappointed by the interior check out the pictures below.

The mix of the very popular industrial look with the grand looking picture frames. The furniture was great very mismatched and consisted of mainly old school chairs and a couple of European style bistro metal chairs. You could also choose the sit and have a drink before sitting at your table on the old chesterfield settees scattered around.

In the above picture you can see the great design idea of storing their over stock of alcohol in these old style looking cages, which were also on castors.

So a good mixture of industrial looks from brickwork to steel RSJ's. Thumbs up from us. The food was also really good, Veggie burger and the Meat and Barrel burger were really tasty and the Olives were superb.



Ok now for the toilets !!!!

If you've ever read my blogs before, you will know that I always take a trip to the ladies to see how their cool interiors in the eating areas follow into the restrooms. I have to say that this is not always the case.

It wasn't great, check out below!.......

Ok the sink area was extremely clean, however the style ????? is no where near as stylish as the restaurant/bar! looks like they actually have left them and possibly these are the previous businesses toilets?

The sinks are clean however look a little like caravan sinks, with the very basic taps :-(

Then looking in to the toilet cubicles again they are really basic and quite un stylish. I may have looked a little to far into this one but when I do something at home I like to have everything finished properly. The coat hooks have different screw heads and its noticeable because the hooks are right in your eye line.

The final bit, you don't need toilet brushes in toilets if they are regularly checked. Otherwise they end up gathering dust. Along with the dusty door hinges.

So overall this restaurant and Burger bar is fabulous with their food, good range of beers and real ales. Great Interior, super cool ideas.

BUT do something with the toilets, it makes such a difference to the visit.

Look foward to hearing your comments.

Claire HornComment