Do you dare to be a bit different when it comes to styling your garden? Or do you play safe ?

When styling your garden, never forget that It is often used as another living space.


Photo: Wayne and Gerardine Hemmingeways Garden.

I hope that i'm not the only one to want something a little bit different in the garden from the usual high street garden furniture sets.

I find the high street retailers that stock garden furniture, so very uninspiring!!! everything is the same maybe the odd slightly different piece but thats not very often. I'm talking about the likes of B&Q i think you know which ones.

Don't get me wrong there are some unique online stylish home furniture websites that offer  garden ranges, I think that with using some ideas from the cool furniture sites (making sure your looking at the correct sites to be sure I will add some links at the end of the blog) and mixing it with some home made creations, i think you will then end up with a bespoke looking garden. Individual to your tastes and not what everyone has in their garden.

Shop around and do your research. Don't just rely on the normal high street stores.

Pallets are now a real craze, you can make everything from a bed to coffee table and also outside seating. Doing this saves money but protecting it correctly can last for years, as long as who ever is making it knows what they're doing.

Simple and easy to achieve. You can make as easy as you would like.

Simple and easy to achieve. You can make as easy as you would like.

This is a Wow factor for me.

This is a Wow factor for me.

Ok if you have a slightly larger budget then why not indulge yourself?

I adore this funky area, again other than the cost of the steps you could actually make this on a budget too. 

White walls are the perfect backdrop for showing of the lush Green plants, to finish this off for me it has to be the Pink Flamingo's and those stunning cushions. I'm not really a one for Pink but i think this is great. The biggest trend this year inside the home and outside is the tropical look used in fabrics and wallpaper. A big thumbs up for me.

I know living in the UK we don't come first in the queue for good sunny weather but when we do get it, it means a lot so get your garden ready with some cools ideas and make the most of what summer we have.

Places to shop for different and stylish garden furniture.