How to get your kitchen to stand out from everyone else's.

When designing a kitchen, many people think the options are wall cupboards and base units. To hide all of the bits that we seem to have in our kitchens.  

Do we really need all the things that stack our cupboards out, 6 chopping boards, 7 trays, 24 plates, steamers, mixers and blenders that usually do the same thing, all the items we think may come in handy but never do? Prioritise the appliances. 

When you think that the kitchen is for preparing and cooking food, it should really contain the basics of what we need. Plus extras for guests. That way we can get a clutter free, cool looking kitchen. That feels a pleasure to cook in and not a chore. 

To get a kitchen that isn't run of the mill, why not go for just base units. Replace the wall units with shelves, if you want to add texture compared to the picture below , you can add wooden shelves, with industrial style brackets. 

As seen in the picture below, lighting is so very important in a kitchen. They can be added below the shelves, on the plynths, and around the sky light window. So get some inspiration and go for a different look, after all most of us hang out in the kitchen don't we? 

Claire HornComment