My bathroom debate tell me your views

Having searched, trawling the internet, looking through endless interior magazines, going to bathroom showrooms, it has become clear that the market is incredibly limited when it comes to experimenting with colour.

I don't mean experimenting with coloured tiles or different shades of paint. I am talking about the suites themselves.

Back when I was a child there wasn't one bathroom in the 70's and 80's that didn't have a coloured bath, sink and basin.

Now most of you would look at this and say thank god interiors have changed from this ? am I right ?


Our family bathroom suite was actually Olive Green the soap dish was held up with a gold fish on the wall and the towel hoops went through the mouth of a Gold Lion check them out how bling were they?

OK so I do think the Green Olive bathroom isnt very inviting. Sorry mum but come on what was going on with the gold lions and fish?

However a colour does make the bathroom a little less clinical. Don't get me wrong I do love a white fresh stylish bathroom but I am verging on a Black bathroom with not only Black taps and shower head but black sink, toilet and bath.

All this in Matt Black, in my mind would make a wow factor bathroom. It is really hard to source this in the UK though and I am disappointed that don't have easy access to any choice other than White and if we do why isn't it advertised?

So white tiles Black grout and black bathroom suites are a thumbs up for me. Let me know your thoughts? and what  your ideal bathroom suite colour is.