Part of the process, where are the drains?

Where are the drains?

A question that we asked the obvious people, South West Water, who else would you ask?

Well their answer was they don't actually know! So our architect Paul (more on him later) asked us to get a CCTV survey done so that we can have evidence of exactly where they are situated.

This is something that is of major importance, as you cannot build over the drain, you have to have a certain amount of meteridge between them.

This mornings meeting was very productive and does make our adventure even more realistic. We have used Complete Water Solutions who have been helpful and better still turned up on time. Nothing better than punctuality. We will have the results later so fingers crossed.

OK so now for the Architects we are using.

MRM Design Studio  I am lucky enough to already know Paul Rose, so this gave us good grounds for a trusting working relationship. I have always been told that it helps to be friendly with your architect as they are the ones after all creating your dream home within your budget.  This morning we also met one of Paul's fellow business partners Mark Mitchell, Paul has from the start been helpful and informative will all our questions and ideas and it was also great to get Mark's views on the land and space and to see the potential of our lovely little plot. All being very positive I might add and they are both looking forward to what is to come. Assuring us that they can come up with a design that will be bespoke and most importantly allow Spencer and I to put our own mark on it.

Check out my sneaky preview of the land itself. As you can see it needs a good old clear out.

We are getting very excited on viewing the 3d plans.

We are working full time like everyone, we have to keep the bills paid so our heads are all over the place but the house is a great topic for our evening discussions. Making lists of what we need and the most important list is the budget spread sheet. I knew that all the grand design shows I have religiously watched throughout the years would  pay off 

Look forward to sharing our next update and thoughts.

 Although these are the mundane stages of a self build they are so important. Do it now and mistakes won't bite you on the bum later.