Drain results !

We have the results well almost! 

Ok so thank you Complete Water Systems.  

We have now received the survey, very in-depth so really informative and easy to read. We have found one drain which is all marked up, a cctv camera was put into action for this. 

This drain is beside our land thankfully not on it.  

Now as you can see from the plan, the broken red line is where we could not gain access to this drain to be able to place a camera down to see if it runs across part of our land. So where the broken line continues it’s possible that it could cut through part of the land. 

Mmm. Not great seeing this if I’m honest, could go two ways! quite literally.

Again will need to wait and see, it’s still possible that it could be running a different way if not we can redirect the drain, however it will come at a cost. 

Fingers crossed 🤞🏻



Solid Red line - Checked and located drain 

Broken Red line - Unchecked drain  


Not sure I want to see what’s hidden down this drain 😳 I’m also not so sure why we get a dvd, I guess if needed it’s proof of the work that was carried out for the survey. 

Claire HornComment