New Year and a new adventure!!!!

So what have you guys got planned for this new year? have any of you taken the plunge and gone for a big resolution? Here is what me and my lovely man are up to......

MODEL D    We are building our own home.    Its affordable, low energy and sustainable!


We are building our own home.

Its affordable, low energy and sustainable!

After deciding to sell up and move on, we couldn't decide what we wanted to do.

We watched property programme after programme and then the penny dropped. We watched a programme called how to live mortgage free hosted by Sarah Beeny. There it was the house that we were going to build well part build it anyway. Firstly we had to find a plot and there it was ready and waiting. An urban plot in the middle of Totnes and our view Totnes Castle, well a train track too but who cares. WE DON'T.

Both of us have had a dream to build our own property and this was a great way to start.  As you can can see from the photo above the Model D home here has not been finished, but will give an idea of what we have planned. Model D homes are prefabricated houses built in Aberdeenshire. So basically they come delivered flat pack and built for you to a turn key finish if requested. For those of you who don't know what turn key means its means it is built externally and internally finished. So all you have to do is turn your front door key and there you have it your brand new slightly bespoke home.

 The difference with the pictured house is that it was built on flat land.

The plot that we have bought has a slight gradient to it which means we can't just have the prefab built straight on the land.

So we have decided to build a basement, which will be our kitchen and snug/office. Which allows us to then have the model D home built on top, this then gives us a three storey home allowing us to have a little more living space upstairs. My new years resolution is to keep my blog updated with the stages of the build. To show how easy or how hard this adventure is going to be. Wish us luck ;-)

Watch out my my next update........

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