The Great Interior Design Master Class

Saturday 13th October 2018

This day had been a long time coming and was so worth the wait.

The thought of spending a whole day with Interior Designers and of course the two lovelies that Inspire me. Daniel Hopwood and Sophie Robinson was going to be the best 8 hours to be had.

Firstly the class was at the Citizen M Hotel @ Tower Hill and had brilliants views. In fact i was blown away by how much you can actually see from the 7th floor.

After catching the tube from my sisters in Wimbledon, I got there in plenty of time to find somewhere that sells plasters. ALWAYS happens! I wear a pair of shoes that are generally comfortable but once in the big smoke they turn into devil shoes. So i was finding myself having to explain why i was hobbling about! note to self always where trainers or Vans when commuting in London.

As you can see from the photos not only can you look straight onto the Shard you also have the Gherkin to the right, then just beyond the shard is a peek at the London eye, carry on round to your left is the amazing Tower of London and beyond that is the finance district of Canary Wharf. These sights I will never tire of seeing. I was bought up in London on and off throughout my childhood, my dad was Born in Victoria, Westminster and my Grandparents lived in Regency Street for most of their lives. Their views were the same so always giving me that magical feeling of our Capital.

So the masterclass had Interior lovers from all over the world. A few being Mexico, USA, Amsterdam and Israel. There were 21 of us and there were actually three of us from Devon. The others were from in and around London.

Love the suitcase and yes mine is also as heavy as a pile of bricks.

The information and that I gained from these two was fantastic, I am happy to say I’m doing a lot of it already so that must be a good sign.

If your an Interior Designer or stylist and need some ideas and tricks of the trade this is a masterclass that shouldn’t be missed.

So now its time to get stuck in again and finish off my clients teenage boy’s bedroom and yes one tip from Sophie I will be adding to my design. Will soon be adding a news letter for those of you that would like to subscribe, with some of the tops tips I have recently had the pleasure of learning.

So get subscribing you lovely interior loving people.

Claire HornComment