Proud to announce that Atom Interior Styling is now a stockist for Painthouse 'For The Love Of Colour'

Read on to find out 7 reasons why I am proud to present this fabulous paint.

Have you ever thought of introducing a little bit of colour to your home or business? if so then Atom Interior Styling can now help, not only to design your space but to supply you with some fantastic colours to give it a real wow factor.

Paint House Pals and 100ml  Photo by Claire Horn

Paint House Pals and 100ml

Photo by Claire Horn

The Painthouse Story

They might be fresh out of the box, but they're more than just another tin of paint. Put a team of chemists, designers, decorators and interior-lovers together and the magic really begins...

For 25 years, the Painthouse parent company Polyseam have been creating first-class *industrial decorating products* that are trusted by world-leading suppliers. They're renowned for using intelligent chemistry to make ground-breaking products for the trade - including professional sealants, adhesives and fillers and the most brilliant range of fire retardant paint.

Polyseam have always worked hard to evolve and stay at the cutting-edge of science, and whilst exploring and developing innovative paint for the professionals, they realised it would be really kind (and only fair) to share their clever paint with everyone.

So, with a foot in Nordic roots and renowned as design leaders, they decided to gather up an eclectic team of experts - combining a passion for chemistry, contemporary design and a love of colour - and wrap up all those super skills and clever science into a beautiful, luxury paint - to be delivered straight to your door. Welcome to Painthouse

Colours Featured. #1 Image Cole and Hans #2 Image Nora

There are many reasons I have chosen to stock Painthouse for example the range of colours that the Painthouse offer and the quality of the paint, the fact it has no hidden costs and it suits my style and the style I love to portray to my own clients.

However these are the 7 reasons why you should check out Painthouse ………..

#1 Child and pet safe

They're child and pet safe. The paints have been tested and approved so you can confidently decorate nurseries, bedrooms, furniture and accessories. 

#2 Fire Retardant Options

The bespoke Fire Retardant paints are CE marked, toxin free, water based paint with special properties to protect against the spread of fire. Painthouse Fire Retardant paint works because it contains fire retardant chemicals that react together to form a carbon char that doesn't burn. A bit like a charred piece of wood, once it's charred it won't burn. This stops the spread of flame. It can simply be applied like an emulsion over pre-painted or brand new walls with no base coat required.

#3 Easy Clean

The non-toxic, water based paint means it's an easy toxinclean kind of paint. Just wash your brushes and rollers in tap water, no need for harsh clean-up chemicals. Nice and simple.

#4 Water based

Our water based, non toxic paint is VOC (volatile organic compounds) free with an AC Gold award. Our no-nasty formulation contains none of the solvents that evaporate in oil-based paints - which means not only is it kinder to the environment, but it's kinder to you, your family and your nose. That's why Painthouse paint is child and pet safe and smell free.

#5 Wipeable

Our paint is a hard-wearing interior paint with a smooth, matt finish. It needs no primer, no top coat and is easy to apply and is wipeable

#6 One Paint

Looking for the best paint for walls, ceilings and wood? Paint House’s unique formulation can easily be applied to all interior surfaces including walls, ceilings and wood. You can paint skirting, windowsills, doors and door frames, bannisters, architraves, tables, chairs, wardrobes, chests of drawers, bed frames and kitchen doors. (Pretty much everything!)

#7 Easy-on and hard wearing

Painthouse has clever in-house chemists they have worked hard to develop the ultimate paint formula. Painthouse paints need no primer and are easy to apply. They dry to a smooth, matt finish and marks can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth. It's like a super paint!

Shutters in Jenson and walls in Hudson    Photo’s by Painthouse

Shutters in Jenson and walls in Hudson

Photo’s by Painthouse

To see more you can order a Painthouse Pal to really see exactly what the colour is like.

Go to the Atom Interior Styling Shop for more info on the products.

Cole from the Naturals Collections  Photo’s by Painthouse

Cole from the Naturals Collections

Photo’s by Painthouse

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