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Keep our Small businesses alive

Many of us when we shop want to get something that is a little different from what the usual larger stores have to offer.

I have just had the experience of trying to find some specific Christmas Decorations for a local café. This turned out to be quite a challenge. Now don't get me wrong, I really love shopping on the high street but due to the incline in online sales the high streets as we know are struggling to keep afloat.

There are many shops in our high streets that are empty thus giving the impression that the councils are giving up and not bothering to fill the shops? or is it that they are struggling to get small businesses to invest in the cost of the general rates that are being charged?

It’s not all that bad for those small businesses due to this decline in the high street and incline in online sales we are so lucky to have the online e- commerce website that lets all of you creative people sell their products. That is the great ETSY website.

Have you experienced it ?  have you purchased something on there?

I bought my first few items on ETSY the other day. I was looking for music posters that represented some of my favourite artists but not just a picture of them I was looking for a print of a gig poster from way back so this is what I found via Etsy.

Click here to see my first purchase  I have a space in the kitchen that needs filling and this is what I wanted to fill the space with.

Click here to see my second purchase  This was chosen by my man, couldn't have them all to myself.

Click here to see my last purchase So as you can see if you've clicked on all the links. I purchased from three different businesses and although they were small purchases I felt good to give my business to someone that has built theirs with passion and love for their products.

Now back to the beginning of my conversation some how got a little lost in showing off my fab new prints. So having taken a not very successful trip to the high street to find some slightly different Christmas decs I decided to go online to Etsy, I guessed seeing as I had such a success with my posters I  fancied seeing what Christmas decorations I could find that were maybe a little different to what everyone else has got.

Keep reading to find out what I found…………..

Now I did a blog a while ago suggesting 2 different styles for your Christmas Decorations and how to get the look, I wrote about a classic look which is your Red’s, Gold’s and Green’s, I also wrote about a Scandi look which is more of the neutrals and natural woods etc. I have not only found a decoration that would go perfectly with the Scandi look but the company also offer the same but in a beautiful array of bright colours. Something that I would go for if I had bright White walls or young children that adore the bright coloured palette.

Atom Interior Styling Etsy.jpg
Photo by Blessedmilhouse

Photo by Blessedmilhouse

So Etsy is going to be a site that I will be using on a regular basis, to keep small businesses alive. Especially for some unique Christmas ideas from decorations to gifts and even adding a little Christmas spirit with your soft furnishings.