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Bringing some local talent to Atom Interior Styling

I am very excited to announce and to introduce to you all a very talented lady.

Please meet Carolyne Merren.

A very talented lady in Plymouth that has found her call in life and is producing some amazing pieces of art work.

I have been following Carolyne for a while now on a great thing we call social media, she has been producing work that is so unique and different that I decided to contact her and ask if she would be happy to put some of my ideas into practise and produce some amazing artwork for the new Atom Interior online Shop so that we can work together.

I am currently creating and expanding my online store and feel that I need an Atom Art Shop.

I wanted to promote a local business that I could shout about and get people to see how talented some people are and we don’t even realise. They go along doing what they do and don’t really get enough recognition. Now i am still developing my business when it comes to trying to get you guys out there to sign up to my website and read my blogs etc and now will be the time to sign up if you haven’t already done so and you can see the latest updates and what we are up to on a regular basis.

I approached Carolyne the other day and put a request forward for a piece of artwork that Myself and Spencer would like for our living space. We have moved into a temporary home that has very high ceilings and we are in need of a piece of artwork above a very lonely looking console table. I took a few examples and showed what we would like. Carolyne was very honest and said what we were requesting she had never actually tried but it was a style she was willing to try. She was then extremely very excited about giving it a go and seeing how a few samples turned out and low and behold she started right away which didn’t surprise me one little bit as she did mention she gets up at the crack of dawn to paint!!!

Not long after our meeting I had four samples of what we had requested and my god it was spot on. Now that is what you call an artist.

Check out the samples that she has done for us. Of course i will not be disclosing anything about the final pice until its hung up on the wall. So here is a little glimpse into the start of my personal collection from Carolyne.

Art work by Carolynne Merren

Art work by Carolynne Merren

As an Interior Stylist I spend each and every moment I can reading about interiors and getting a whole load of inspiration on a daily basis. These colours to me I am loving at the moment but just because they are on trend I feel that these are always going to be attractive to the eye, which is why i wanted this incorporated into a timeless piece. The Golds, the Teals, the Dark Blues are all so stunning.

Art work By Carolynne Merren

Art work By Carolynne Merren

So here she is the lovely talented Carolyne Merren. Please sign up and you will see what we have up our sleeve for some amazing pieces of artwork that will be available soon only at Atom Interior Styling.

Carolynne Merren

Carolynne Merren


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