How have you decorated your home for Christmas?

Have a Maisons Du Monde Christmas

If you haven’t already heard of them then let me introduce you to Maisons Du Monde. If you like your interiors and take pride in how your home looks then you have to take a look at the link.

I love the way they divide their Christmas decor into collections and of course we know the basic collections being Classic Christmas, Nordic Christmas or Modern Christmas. Maisons Du Monde have a few more up their sleeve and they’re lovely.

So first we have their Authentic collections (one of my personal favourites)

The Authentic collection is all about using natural materials, taking inspiration from the outstanding outdoors. Using wood, stone and all the other lovey natural materials. you find in the woods or on the coast.

Second we have the Nordic Collection. ‘Winter’ A very Scandi Christmas.

The Nordic collection is all about embracing the cold. Brrrrrr don’t be put off with the what we class as cold colours, Blues and ice cold whites. It sound cold but styling a Nordic room like this carefully, can give you such a warm felling, especially when your adding the faux fur throws and scatter cushions. Perfect to snuggle up to with that roaring log burner. Don’t forget those sparkling icicles.

Third we have the Classic collection. A nod to nostalgia

The Classic collection is all about our traditions at Christmas and our fond memories. As a child you associate Christmas with Red’s, Green’s and Gold’s.

Brilliant if you still have young children and you want to pass on the traditions to them. As Maisons Du Monde say Rewind and unwind.

Fourth we have the Wild Collection, Free your festive instincts

The Wild collection is all about being free to express yourself, so go wild and be brave with your decorations. Don’t be afraid to hold back.

Fifth we have the Deep Blue Reach for the stars

The Deep Blue collection is all about Capturing the magic of those festive evenings. So focusing on a grown up Christmas and evening parties. Cheers everyone.

Yes there is one more, see i told you they had a unique look at how Christmas decor can be staged within your home.

Sixth we have the Wonderful collection and enchanting end to the year.

The Wonderful collection is all about looking at Christmas through Rose tinted glasses, seeing a little magical sparkle and fairy tale charm.

So there you have it, a little inspiration for your home at Christmas. If you’ve left everything to the last minute get on the phone and make some orders or if its too late then use all the inspiration for the new year, you can style your living space using any of these collections you just take out the decorations.

Love Claire