5 ways to create a statement wall in your home.

There is more than just using wallpaper to create that wow factor wall in your home. Checkout some ideas below.

#1. Use a large piece of art work that inspires you to make that impressive wall stand out. Or if you have too many to chose from create a wall with all your favourite images.

#2. The favourite for most people is wallpaper, there are some fabulous wallpapers out there that give a lasting impression. I particularly love geometric wallpapers especially in a bright colour.


#3. Ship lap, i love the finish that this gives especially on a chimney breast or behind a bed. You have the option to leave it as a natural finish or paint it. Don't be shy of using different textures like this.


#4. Paint design, be creative as long as you have a spirit level masking tape and a steady hand you can create some awesome bespoke patterns.


#5. One colour paint. Spend your time and chose a colour that reflects your style and ties in with your accessories. This is what I have created in a previous property.