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Would you shop at Ikea?

After watching the flat pack empire episodes, it is not surprising that they are continually expanding throughout the world and yes even down here in Exeter, along with continually expanding their products with some fantastic designs by some eclectic  designers.

I was not only inspired with the programme but also with the staying power they have. You have many fashion chains that come and go or struggle having to close a certain amount of branches, this isn't the case with Ikea they keep on going. As they say at the beginning of the programme Ikea is a little like Marmite you either love it or hate it. If you love interior styling but your on a budget Ikea is the way to go, however if you can spend that little extra as the quality gets better and better. Check out the three episodes if you missed it  My favourite in Ikea has got to be the soft furnishings. The choice of fabrics patterns and colours are enough to cater for any personal interior style you choose to have. Shopping online for their furniture is great their website is clear and easy to navigate, the only downside is that you can't see the huge range of soft furnishings they have on offer, there is a small amount available. However if your looking for a funky print of picture frame there are loads to chose from online but my advise would be to go to your nearest store. Nothing better than actually feeling the product that you are going to buy.

If you have seen the episodes  then you would have seen the new bed/sofa that the famous Tom Dixon has designed for this years catalogue. Check out his link the sofa which can also turn into a bed is called Delaktig this piece is perfect for a bachelor pad, office of guest room. The product can also be used outside as its shower resistant (but shouldn't be left outside in the rain). On the last episode there is a fantastic metal framed sofa which again can be used inside or out. This is yet to be added to the collection yet and came from another great designer.

So how many of you have furniture or soft furnishings from Ikea? if so what have you bought? would love to know if anyone has purchased their kitchens?



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