Check out this treat for the man in your life? To claim your free trial read on.

Here is something I don't usually blog about as I tend to try and keep it to interiors but I couldn't resist this.


I was browsing the internet and I have to say I can't remember what I was looking at but an advert popped up advertising a company called Harry's. This company was created by two guys, after carrying out market research regarding an issue they felt strongly about they decided to take action. They were getting more and more frustrated about how they were spending hundreds of pounds per year on razors and not getting great quality products for the money either. Buying them for Spencer I am also amazed how much they cost even in comparison to ladies razors. So I signed up for Harrys trial. This is what they sent through.


OK the trial products are free you just pay the postage of £3.95 which is fair. Within the box you get a can of shaving gel and the razor, in one of three colours Blue Orange or Green, It also comes with a plastic cover to keep the blade clean and protected and a small step by step guide of Harry's way of shaving. When signing up you also choose what package you would like for the future, but you are not tied to this if after the trial you don't like it you can just cancel the package you have chosen. You can also purchase products without having to sign up, I am choosing to get them sent in the post. One razor lasts for 2 weeks, so if you guys shave once a week then you pay £19 every 5 months  for your razors plus a large can of shaving gel and then  get them delivered to your door.


The product is of superb quality German engineering at its finest and consists of 5 blades. The cost of the usual 5 blade that you buy from Gillete is £3.05 with Harry's its £1.88 a massive saving. Not only are the products great but look at the packaging, so much thought has gone into this and I am proud to be supporting a business other than Gillette. To claim your free trial other than the postage click on the link provided. Happy shaving gentlemen.