Here goes for the next Self Build Step and its a Big step!

After waiting with anticipation, excitement and a few butterflies , we met up with our architects last night. Paul Rose and Mark Mitchell from MRM Design Sat patiently in Rumours, Totnes the half way house for our meeting and thank you to the gorgeous assistant manager my daughter Georgia for her hospitality.

So our meeting was to see the plans that MRM Design have created for our unusual sized plot of land. They found this an exciting design as the plot is narrow so they really wanted to create a space that is not only suited to our living, lifestyle and family but utilises every little space available. They have certainly achieved this for us and with a massive WOW factor.

As for the drains in my last blog we are happy and confident now with South West water that there are no drains etc on the actual space we are intending to build. We just need to be wary of the one in the garden area which has been taken into account with the plans. The plans come in paper form and kind of start with a little story, starting with their initial sketches of our self build design.


We then see the proposed materials to be used. Some locally sourced, this is also a massive thing for me as I love the thought of giving business to someone local, it also always helps with the planning.

The next is the aerial/proposed site plan of the land, the building including the trees etc. This gives us the real size of the plot and how the build sits on the land and the surrounding space. After that we then see the proposed floor plans. We are having three levels, basement, ground and first floor. Now  MRM Design will do the elevations and dimensions, we cant wait for this.

Well that's its for now folks don't want to show too much. Its all looking good and exciting.

Let me know if any of you have ever thought of doing a self build?

Claire HornComment