Trial finished ! THE VERDICT to buy or not to buy?????

So the trial is now over! For Harry's Razor

When filling the form to receive your free trial, you are asked for bank details.

The reason for this is, if you like the trial and to stop any time inconvenience you will be sent the appropriate amount of blades and any shaving foam for a 5 month period. If you get on well with the razors.

Spencer's trial was a success, so any of you guys that couldn't be bothered or thought it was scam, then your missing out.

This way is such an easy way to buy something that you possibly always forget about when buying the groceries. Although if you do remember it always raises the price of the shopping.

With Harry's your are not only saving money but your getting quality. 

Its also delivered to your door, so now Spencer doesn't have to buy anymore now for 5 months.