Three important rooms in your home and do you have a tv in them ?

Is it important to have a TV or are we in a society where everyone expects you to have one! and how do we style these large pieces of technology in our homes?

Im writing this blog today because our lovely British weather is making us stay in rather a lot at the moment. So as always I have been using this time to think about one of my most important rooms in a house. The lounge.

My first important room is the bedroom, this is a room that needs to be relaxing and tranquil. Somewhere you can go to get peace and quiet if needed, a room where you spend a good 8 hours in a days. (even though your mainly sleeping). So it needs to be well thought out.

Is this really a place to have a tv? I used to have one in the bedroom but having moved to our rental property for a few months we didn't want to damage any walls. So we left it unpacked I'm actually quite liking not having one.

My second important room is the kitchen, this is another room that really needs a lot of thought and organising. Some people spend lots of time here. If you have an open plan kitchen with dining space then your not only prepping and cooking but you are also using it to socialise and possibly at a lovely big dining table with enough seats to accommodate not only your family but also your friends at the same time.

Now is this a place for a TV?

I would say yes, as i love cooking whilst watching some of my favourite programmes. Or even doing the dreaded ironing.

My third important room would be the lounge. As this is where we can cosy up on a horrid day or have some family movie time or even just a family board game. Most people nowadays have a tv and they are usually a fair size. In all my lounges i have had I have always placed the tv on some kind of table/unit.

However  as we are now making plans for our self build and gathering ideas.We are going to be starting from scratch when it comes to a couple of rooms. One being the lounge,

A new sofa and armchair and a new home for our TV and also my large amounts of books that seem to keep on growing. 

We have decided to use a large part of a wall and have a bespoke shelving unit, floor to ceiling. This will include an area for the tv to be hung and the surrounding area to have a mixture of books and our favourite ornaments.

A smaller version of the image below. With the tv centralised within the bookcase. I will be adding a few differently laid out shelves and a few different sizes.


There are other ways to style your TV area.

You could go for a completely blank wall and have nothing else surrounding the mounted TV this grabs your eye to the tv only.

Or you can mount the tv onto a feature wall which draws the eye not only to the tv but to the chosen feature wall itself. Just as below.


The blank wall just draws the eye to the TV.

You may just want  to add your tv onto a piece of furniture like a tv unit or table. The tv stand below is a fairly modern minimalistic type of furniture, but you could place it on a lovely midcentury table or even go for more of the Nordic look with a painted wooden table.


Midcentury table?

So many choices,

What one did you or are you going to use when styling your Tv???

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