The progress has notched up another gear.

Now we have got to the stage where we have finally decided on what extras we wanted to add to the plans etc and to be really honest Paul and Mark @MRM Design Studio really had it all pretty much sussed anyway, we are now ready to get it sent into the Planning department.

Now the nerves really do start kicking in.

Our plot isn't the biggest plot but is in a place we class as pretty desirable. As its not a very big plot the architects have had to come up with solutions for making the most out of the space we have.

A lovely edition to the floor plans are the sliding doors throughout the majority of the property. Excluding the bathrooms. This is giving us every inch of space available. So well thought of thank you Paul and Mark.

The beauty of this design is that it isn't overpowering and will blend into the surrounding area easily. When doing a build there are so many areas that need to be looked at. It's mind blowing, not only do you need to think about neighbours but you also need to be aware of the wildlife and if there is any that are currently residing within the site, to making it a sustainable building and also trying to use as many locally sourced materials as possible, such as the stone work for the basement exterior wall.

We have now decided to name our pending home "Holm View", this is to honour the outlook we have from our living room which is Totnes Castle.

Holm you may ask yourself? what has that got to do with a castle? well after studying the heritage and history of the Normandy motte and bailey castle. We discovered that the Holm oak is one of the ancient trees situated within the castle grounds and it is thought to be over 150 years old. Holm is known to be the ancient word for Holly!

So welcome to Holm View




Floor Plans

So fingers crossed for the planning, now lets get searching for an onsite caravan!!!!!!! Please give us good weather this summer! 

I hope blogging about this encourages others to go for a self build. I intend to use Holm View as a show house for others considering this journey. This is changing my career into a passion on not only interiors but helping others go down the same route. Lots of plans and i don't just mean site or floor plans. Lots going on with business plans too.

Looking forward to the next self build blog.