If you read yesterdays blog, check out this one for some updates!

Ok so yesterday I decided to write a blog on the different options of stair railings you could use for an exterior staircase.

Having decided to go for the mixture of two materials Iron and wood in the style pictured in my previous blog post, I have gratefully been made aware by our efficient architects https://www.mrmdesignstudio.co.uk that the planners would turn this down. 

The reason being that they would class this as being something a child could climb on and up and possibly injure themselves. The laws for planning are different in certain countries, I would they are quite strict in the UK but we have to adhere to their laws otherwise its back to the drawing board which takes up valuable time.

Our option for the particular style would be to have the spindles following the same flow as the staircase. Of course you could go vertical, but we want something slightly different that would compliment the wooden structure of the house, which is vertical. We wouldn't be going for the floating steps as ours are solid concrete or we may possibly go with steel structure steps and risers, these would then tie in with steel guttering and downpipes.


There is so much to learn on a self build when it come to planning, Which is why it makes it all that more exciting.

The possibilities are endless however always bear in mind that your design ideas may not always get passed by the planning laws. Thankfully thats what the architects are here for to give us their knowledge.

How many of you have been turned down by the planners?