Our self build update!

Its like watching paint dry!

Its actually not quite as bad as that, I think for anyone that has gone through a self build with the intent on it becoming their home (well for a while until we do the next one ) is always impatient. We've got the plans, seen how the house is going to look and god we are so excited with what lays ahead. So yes a little impatient. Its a little like walking up the tallest sand bank with the view of your most favourite thing ever sat at the top and we all know how hard it is to walk quickly in sand let alone up hill. So it feels like its taking forever.

So I wanted to give you an update on why the self build part of my blog is a little quiet at the moment.

The planning is now in and as usual we have a slight delay with the new flood risk assessments on the plot, its all about easements, culverts and other technical information which I am not clued up on and as our architect will agree is probably easier for him to deal with. Every other part of the self build I intend to be in control  of. I am hoping that its not as technical as the drains ha!

I have learnt so many things on our self build journey and we are just in the early stages, so I'm sure lots more to learn, we have to start somewhere right?

So now is  the long wait for the planning to go through and any objections or obstacles that may come up. We are pretty positive that there wont be many if not any issues. Thanks to the house being designed so carefully. Whilst waiting we are listing all the trades we are going to need to get this completed. Both of us have good contacts which always helps its not always what you know but who you know.

Once the planning is in then its in with the digger.

This will be a welcome sight for us when the time comes.

This will be a welcome sight for us when the time comes.

We were lucky enough to have a meeting with the creator of our timber frame home. Travelling all the way from Aberdeen to Totnes. What a nice guy and he's looking forward to helping us on our journey. We first came across him on the 'How to live mortgage free' (Sarah Beeny) show, a programme that has certainly left an impression on us. There are so many programmes these days on self building and some are so out of our depth with budget etc that when a programme comes on air that really makes you think something is possible it makes all the difference. Once our build is out of the way I look forward to helping others complete their dream of building their own home within a realistic budget. So our home with be a great test on what lays ahead career wise as well. I have already noticed that when talking about the build and people asking questions they are deep in thought on whether they could do such a thing. I think most people want a reasonably priced house especially when you can build one for yourself.

I will be updating the blog if we come up with any more obstacles but if all is plain sailing then its all hands on deck and all systems go.

I really don't think we need as many guys on our self build as this rather large looking building but I guess more hands the merrier.