6 easy ways to add interesting storage to your kitchen.

There are other ways to add storage to your kitchen other than traditional cupboards.

I love the way the  trends of this year in the kitchen is to add shelving.

I have listed through 6 examples of shelving along with other decorative ways to store anything from dog biscuits to fruit and vegetables.



Who needs kitchen cupboard doors? As long as you keep the contents to a minimum. Or keep to a system that keeps it organised. The green hanging plants look great.

I would also add a wooden crate, you can pick these up as a vintage piece, or many places are selling them brand new.



The crates are a great way to keep your fruit and veg organised. et looking stylish.  I personally like the vintage and worn look, however you can of course paint them especially if your in need of a splash of colour in your kitchen.



How about giving your dog a little bit of style by storing his biscuit treats in a cool vintage tin. Personal touches bring character to your kitchen.



If you like the industrial look, then this piece would look great to break the monotony of matching cupboards, again make sure your showcasing all your lovely kitchen wares. I really love this look something I may have to add to our new kitchen.



If you have a Victorian style house then this is for you. Having a fireplace in a kitchen can be ideal as you can utilise the alcoves either side. Running the shelving right the way down maximises your storage potential and add a cupboard to hide the unwanted kitchen items.



Wire baskets ? these are so cute and again if you like the vintage look you can buy then with a patina finish, or buy them with a coloured paint. These are a lovely addition to any window sill, to use for holding a herb pot or plant.

Why not give these easy little ideas to add a personal touch to your kitchen.