Welcome to the world of unique design /neim/

I have had the pleasure in being introduced to this fantastic concept of individual design.

I am really excited about what /neim/ has to offer us as a customer or a designer. 

/neim/ showcases independent designers, artists and photographers, as well as offering their own services in Web design, 3D, logo branding, giving your business a unique identity.

The company was founded by Husband and Wife duo Renata and Aivaras

Please meet the husband and wife duo.


After I graduated in business studies, I worked as a manager and later was invited to the drama theatre, where event organiser duties provided the opportunity to see the creative process behind the scenes. This experience has made it clear that my soul desire is for creativity, so I spontaneously decided to look for a suitable creative field.

I found an opportunity to work as a junior graphic designer in Manchester and went for it. The work helped me discover my favourite design trends, adapt and improve the acquired knowledge in real projects, and I fell in love with a clean, minimalist graphic design.

I also had access to 3D design solutions, which later became the main tool for the realisation of projects in non-traditional ideas.
I wanted to make the best possible implementation of the projects whilst working in the agency, but each project has been installed in a narrow time limit. I often encountered thoughts of my own studio, which would work differently – without catching the terms posed by stress, where staff live a creative spirit, and not too jailed in “need to be done here and now” routine.

Although the search took a long time, but inspired by a successful start to my career path, I started to look for talented professionals with the same values.

I am very pleased that I met Renata and now we have /neim/, the project that unites all of our passions.


I always wanted to find my own place under the sun – either in location or in a profession. For most people the future depends on what they study as it’s linked to the work they’ll do for a living.

Personally I wanted to study journalism, mathematics, hairdressing, architecture, I was into psychology and even wanted to become a singer when I was a teenager. I lost the  understanding of mathematics when my teacher changed at school as for hairdressing and psychology I needed higher marks in chemistry and maths and being a singer I needed to have a proper voice. While I’m better in writing than speaking or even singing. I did not choose journalism because it has many things i don't agree with, I can't force myself to do something that I am not into and with architecture.... Well I picked multimedia design. Sometimes you need to take longer path, so you can learn something or meet someone.

I am happy because all of my passions and circumstances lead me to who and where I am now. I learned how to apply strengths and knowledge of each passion I have In life and work.

We’re not only co-founders, at /neim/ we are combining more than one profession, passion and skill.

The /neim/ story

The idea was born when we (Renata & Aivaras) got together. We found out what we wanted to do in our life. For a living, not just existence. You see, money wasn’t the motor for a proper living and when we worked in creative agencies, we didn’t like their approach. Basically we were tired of working for what we don’t fully believe. 

We wanted to use our experience and skills and combine them with our own passions, not just fulfilling someone else dreams.
Speaking of passions, we are driven by graphic design, aesthetics, minimalism, abstract, urbanism, décor, interior design and a combination of these subjects and styles. Either doing and seeing is a huge pleasure for us! as we admire so many objects and creators, we knew that creating just a design studio wouldn’t be enough to fulfil our dreams. We wanted to surround ourselves by those we adore, get to know them, be inspired and share their story so others could be too.

In final conversation we decided to use our 6+ years experience in business management and 10+ years experience in design field and apply into a combination of a design studio, gallery, shop and events. To simplify our multidisciplinary activity, we chose a phrase ‘creative house’ instead of ‘concept store’ definition. It’s an explanation not a name.

We mostly work with brand identities, each creator object is usually named and we wanted to create a global community of like minded people but still be able to represent each of the creators and their works in order for it to mean something to each and everyone. To call it 'Name' would be too boring because each person, object and piece is unique. Instead here is a pronunciation of this and we think /niem/brings much more personality and fits our aim perfectly - showcase most inspiring works/products and creators/brands, share their unique story. Some people still guess what each letter means but the meaning is really simple.

When we crystallized the name and decided to go all in for our life dream, we quit our jobs, moved to the city where we knew no one and as we had no sponsors it took us about 6 months to find creators who would believe in our vision, deal with and prepare the premises, build the website, be tricked by landlords who decided to sell it to someone else instead of renting to us, inform the creators, flush the disappointment and face that not everything might go so smooth as we thought, re-thought our steps and prepare for a different kind of launching.

We finally launched /neim/website with an e-shop on 24/25th March 2018!

We started with 10 independent brands and solo creators. Each name was revealed one by one in our grand opening event/game. We’re really proud of these creators, because they dare to make their ideas and dreams real, as well as our dreams. Thank you all for that!

Since we launched, there are more creators joining /neim/, more people support our vision and we’re really happy that they understand why we created /neim/. It’s a huge pleasure to be surrounded by people with same philosophy and values, getting to know their stories and how much in common we have. It's a double pleasure to know that these people see /neim/ as a community, not just as a retail platform.

/neim/ Today

Today /neim/ is a growing platform which builds a global community of high aesthetic, abstract, minimalism and exclusive makers and lovers in fields of décor, furniture and lifestyle.

We have been selecting pieces for the e-shop we personally admire and most of the pieces showcased at /neim/ are exclusives, so you won’t find these anywhere else in UK or even worldwide. They are not mass-produced and with no integrity to give a profit to massive labels. Creators put their taste, style, attention, time and most important – passion to make it and we know that every piece, showcased at /neim/ will be assembled and packed with care for each and every order.

As we’re designers ourselves, we offer a full range of graphic design services –from brand identity to specific design work. In the ‘Studio’ section you will find selected projects that we have worked with lately. We’re very pleased to be invited to work with each and everyone and showcase them to you.

Why we chose to concentrate on independent instead of big brands? Can’t tell categorically that we will never ever work with and showcase huge brands via /neim/. We think both sides must have same values. It’s like friendship, you need to feel each other, not just chase those who are most beautiful or famous. We never wanted to be one of those who works with everyone  to showcase everything just to make money. Yes, it is a full-time job where no one sponsors us, but as we said, our values are different. To be honest, we would like to be recognized for that. So no matter how big or small the name is, it’s about honest relationship.

/neim/ creative family

Once you figure out what your passion is, one of most important things is not to stand alone for what you believe and do. Surround yourself with like minded, supportive and honest professionals.

What’s different from other design collectives?

When building our design collective, we build relationships based on honest approach. We pick them because of style and values, and we’re always related to quality, not quantity, because at the end it’s a huge pleasure to be surrounded by people with the same philosophy and values, get to know their stories and learn how we have so much in common while reaching for the same goals.

The artists, designers and brands that /neim/ showcase are what we call creative family.

/neim/ creative family is about being surrounded by like-minded and active professionals, getting to know, inspire and support each other, going to events, meeting, collaborating and even becoming friends , so you can grow together.

3. neim-creative-house-story.jpg

/neim/ Future

Most brands plan too far. Not saying that we don’t have plans and visions for /neim/, but as the world keeps rotating, plans should be flexible too. There are billions of possibilities, depending on everyday decisions, so we rather stay true to our dreams and values, as it is what matters in the first place.

Tomorrow? I’m sure we’ll work. It might sound ridiculous, but we working pretty much… always (Renata is laughing). It’s the studio and shop we need to work at, this takes a lot of time. Yes, there is a way to program some things but we don’t want to loose a personal touch with all these amazing people. We wanted a full-time dream job and here it is. We love what we do, people from around the globe supporting our idea, it’s a reward when the /neim/creative community and family grows!

We also would love to invite you all to our physical creative house where you could actually see and feel the objects we showcase, be inspired by exhibitions and other events, meet the like-minded, create something together and come and be a part of such a community. Sounds exiting? We are working towards this.
It's  a lot of work, but dreams don’t come true unless we work hard, right? So we’ll  continue to look for like-minded people. 

If you kept reading and think we are on the same page, and we haven't found you yet, then what are you waiting for come and  find us first! (Renata and Aivaras, /neim/ creative house)

You have got to check out their store with some amazing bespoke pieces. 


So if you are looking to get your business an identity with a difference or you need a gift for someone special, this is the place for you, check out some of the fabulous pieces on offer.

Comment below and let me know what piece is your favourite and what's on your shopping list?