5 Ways To Use Bedside Furniture

What bedside furniture do you use?

We all love to go to bed knowing that our bedroom is a space that is relaxed, to me having an uncluttered bedroom means that I can lay in bed and not feel stressed about a cluttered bedside table.

I currently have White gloss 2 drawer chests either side of our bed, however I will be looking to change these. Dealing with Interior Styling and doing research daily on pretty much everything to do with your homes. I do tend to change my style occasionally, Which is a good thing for clients to know that I can be versatile with different trends and styles. When choosing the latest trends though you need to be aware that some trends come and go really quickly although you can get trends that are classics and never really go out of fashion but they just get reintroduced every now and then.

Here is an example of a current trend that has always been in fashion and that just gets reintroduced.........


As you know we have always had house plants in our homes and in our family homes, Cheese Plants, Cactus spider plants. These have always been in fashion however of late one of this years trends is using  a lot of plants as a display a kind of Maximalism with plants.

Okay back to Bedside furniture. There are a fair few to choose especially for those that are short of space, I have Tam Tam's a famous design from Habitat another thing that has always been in fashion but has just been reintroduced. I have a couple of these, I use one as a stool for my desk and another with a plant on in the corner of a room. They are great if you lack width either side of you bed and they fit a good size lamp on the top.

A more of a traditional style would be the one pictured below, a Victorian style bed dressed with a wooden table, old or new. Very elegant and a timeless piece.

Are you organised? if so there is something for you too. Use an organiser to tidy up what would usually be scattered throughout your bedroom, although I would have this inside the drawer to hide it, but am I over tidy??

Photo by  Jeff Sheldon

Photo by Jeff Sheldon

If your anything like me then going for a minimalistic look beside your bed is quite satisfying. Easy for the eye and easy to clean. I do love the table with the Black Hairpin legs and the solid wood top, a beautiful mixture of textures.

For something a little different. Why not go for a floating unit, again easy to clean underneath and looks a little more unique than a normal bedside table or chest!

This style is getting higher on my list, as I said I'm looking to change mine and its between a stylish table or a floating shelf, I do like a drawer so could possibly be a floating shelf like the one below with a hidden drawer.

This one can be found at La Redoute currently reduced by 30% no £52.50

Atom Interior Styling.jpg
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