My top buys for your outside living space, no matter how big or small

Outside Living space and my favourite buys

More and more people are choosing to create an extra living space in their garden. Its ideal if you love entertaining and your house/apartment or flat won't hold enough people comfortably then why not grab some of your outside space.

I have written about this many times and can't share it enough, hopefully enough to make you feel inspired to transform your garden/patio.

I am going to show you an example of my friends property that is available to book as a holiday let in the English Riviera. The house is called Star Delta and has most of its 60's / 70's features and yes that stunning wallpaper you see in the second image really is original.

The example I want to show you is that it is possible to make a room twice as big, weather permitting. Star Delta have continued the same slate flooring throughout the whole kitchen, dining and lounge area and straight onto the patio. Using the bi fold doors that open out completely the sunken track for the doors gives it an un interrupted flow into both areas.

The slate floor is brilliant to maintain, you wont feel the need to constantly power wash the area to get it looking like the inside. We get a lot of rain in the UK so moss can be a real pain to light coloured patios.

Some of us don't have the space like Star Delta to be able to connect these rooms. So where ever you can do it then here are a few things to take into account.


 Where in the garden is your entertaining space?

Placing it around shrubs and trees make the area look cosy and secluded, but just remember that when the seasons change you will get moss and leaves that can, as I explained earlier have an effect on the colouring of your slabs or even decking. A dark colour can offer an easy maintenance option. Keeping the area looking its best all the time. Even in the winter months.

You can cover the area to protect from overhanging trees by using a number of materials.

Photo by Sonnie Hiles

Photo by Sonnie Hiles


Do you have the ability to add electric to the area?

 Ideally its great to be able to have electric as well as Solar lighting. Relying on just solar lighting can sometimes be disappointing. I'm yet to find effective solar lights. 

Photo by Jacalyn Beales

Photo by Jacalyn Beales


Does your area have flower or shrubbery beds?

Having your areas surrounded by a flower bed is a way of incorporating colours into the space. If your not keen on flowers then planting Grasses, Ferns and Cactus can really add a tropical feel to the area, everyone wants to feel like they're on holiday so why not accomplish this in your garden and incorporate your favourite holiday destination.

Photo by Irene Davila

Photo by Irene Davila

Here are my top buys for your outside living space.

I would love to see your outside space, so send us your pictures or are you in the middle of renovating your garden?