Where would you buy your kitchen from ?

You will always find me in the kitchen at parties!

Buying a kitchen is a massive investment these days because they seem to be so so expensive.

As the caption above states we spend so much time in the kitchen , not only cooking but socialising and sometimes using it as a home office, especially when you have an open plan living space.

So where do we usually buy our kitchens from ? There are the obvious high street retailers. B&Q, Home base, Ikea plus many more. There are many smaller businesses that offer handmade, bespoke kitchens. BUT......................

Have you thought of purchasing ex display? People can often be scared about buying ex display because it doesn't meet their plan that the kitchen designer has drawn up for them at the local kitchen showroom. If you have a good builder or are you a good confidant DIY expert then buying an ex display can really save you a great deal of money. It doesn't mean that the quality is bad just because its been on display it just means that you can use the money that you save on buying a higher quality appliance or whatever it maybe. There are ways and means of designing your kitchen around an ex display and I would recommend giving it a go. It could be that you have a small Galley kitchen and don't need wall units and just need base units! This is where the Used Kitchen exchange comes in. This family run business offers such a great service. It not only offers some fabulous ex display kitchens it could also buy your old kitchen off you. All you have to do is send in some photos of your kitchen and they will send you a free quotation. You wont get what you paid for it obviously but hey its better than just sending it away to the tip or giving it to the builder where they would possibly reuse it. Every little helps towards your next kitchen. Dealing with a company that takes all the hassle and strains of updating your kitchen is such a relief.

Many people look at a kitchen as an investment. An investment that is going to be used daily that  needs to be hard wearing and of course looks amazing. At the used kitchen exchange it caters for most budgets and what i love about it you can also pick up some great appliances as well.

So from family kitchens.......

Atom Interior Styling Jpeg1

To designer kitchen.......

Atom Interior Styling jpeg 2

and Classic Kitchens

Atom Interior Styling Jpeg 3

They seem to have it sussed. This is such a great may to reuse and support recycling in a slightly different way.

 Check out the site and let me know what you think.


I will be sure to look when our self build is at a stage where I am ready for the kitchen.