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Beautiful things Beautifully made.

Following so many different trends and styles within the interior world can be mind boggling but it means i can write about it and share it all with you.

Preparing to do a self build can be great fun when you are planning / styling each room and because it will be all spanking new there are areas where you just need a piece of furniture that is as new as the surroundings. For us this is going to be a sofa. I have always bought good quality second hand sofas and hey why not re use furniture if you can. It saves money and also helps someone else buy themselves an upgrade, however this time I thinks its time for a treat and boy have i got a treat to share with you!!

I would like to introduce a company that I have had the delight to come across. They go by the name of Maker & Son  . I fell in love with their philosophy of 'Beautiful things Beautifully made' the company has a great history of design and quality craftmanship. Introducing the brains behind Made & Son are the two chaps that are behind the pioneering design and creation of these stunning pieces.


Alex trained as a cabinet maker and furniture designer back in the early 1980s. He started his retail career running a chain of 27 homeware stores in Australia called CountryRoad. Coming back to the UK in 1995, Alex took on the role of Buying Director for the Conran Shop as well as developing a huge range of products for the Conran Collection. In 2000, he set up his own design and communications agency called The Nest, going on to found a digital business called VisualDNA in 2006. With Maker&Son, Alex is returning to his design roots and his love of creativity in all its forms.

Atom Interior Stylnig Alex Wilcox.jpg


Felix is a designer and artist working across an array of disciplines including fashion, painting, pottery, cooking, and furniture design. Felix is proud of his design heritage, being the third generation of the Conran family to work in the field. His grandfather pioneered a new era in retailing home products, a family tradition that he is continuing with Maker&Son.

Atom Interior Styling Felix Conran.jpg
Felix and Alex @ the Kemp office.

Felix and Alex @ the Kemp office.

Now for the products. I feel a sofa is an investment pretty much like your bed should be. After all we spend a fair part of our time on them as we do sleeping in our beds. We use our sofas and armchairs for watching Tv, feeding our babies, reading a book, having a mid afternoon nap, socialising with friends. If only armchairs could talk!!!!

So for all of these uses I think that deserves a little well earned money spent on them. 

My top choice from their collection is the armchair so i sent a request for some samples of fabric, my choice being velvet and this is the lovely package i received.

Atom Interior Styling Maker & Son.jpg

The sofas come in a natural Linen / Cotton fabric as well as the luxurious velvet. They have a variety of beautiful colours available my favourite is the Teal or the Honey. 

I love the idea of having a clean cut living space with a variety of textures, from leather to velvet, and one piece of furniture that looks like the exact definition of comfort.

The footstool to match is also  available.

The footstool to match is also  available.

Have i tempted you yet?

Velvet Teal Armchair by Maker & Son

Velvet Teal Armchair by Maker & Son

Time to contemplate over how you could make your living room a place of calmness and relaxation. To find out a little more about Maker & Son check out the video.

To order your catalogue and free sample, click on the link below.

I would love to hear from you when you make your choice.

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