Here is what i eat as a vegan

Doing an Interior blog is my main passion, however every now and then I like to talk about lifestyle and food so if your interested then read on.....

I thought I would give being a Vegan a go back in January after watching a documentary whose executive producer was Leanardo De Caprio called Cowspiricy (on Netflix), and had some email support from joining their 30 day vegan challenge.

I have never looked back.

I don't talk about it a great deal but I do like to let people know what is available and to let you know that if your verging on becoming a vegan maybe  for health reasons, the environment, or for the love of animals. (I am doing it for all of those reason) but are a little unsure of what it entails. Then this is a little information on how I stayed Vegan

People worry that your not getting all the nutrients and your lacking in Protein. That isn't the case. I am fit and healthy and I don't take any supplements at all, as I don't feel I need to.

Firstly if you want to give it a go, I recommend signing up on the Cowspiricy website as you get motivational emails every day to give you guidance. At first it is a little daunting and yes you do take a while in the supermarket, but that's not for long, there is so much available now that it makes shopping easy. I shop in Aldi, Lidl and Tesco. Here are some of the products I have recently tried and love. In no particular order, although if I was to choose it would have to be Wicked Kitchen and so  happy that I can nip out and grab something quick and easy for lunch. As seen in my wicked collection of photos the takeaway lunch options are spot on 👌🏻


Aldi Soulful one delicious and only £1.79

Aldi Soulful one delicious and only £1.79


I have been following Wicked Kitchen as I came across them in of all places a Tesco magazine. He has recently been sharing his recipes with them and has now showcased his brand onto the Tesco shelves. All of the dishes are great and lucky for us we can now buy the Wicked Healthy cook book. The creators are Derek Sarno and his brother Chad Sarno, well worth checking out this link > and you can buy the book in Tesco's or Waterstones or probably most other book shops.

Atom Interio Styling wicked healthy.jpg


If you fancy junk food or fast food and feel that being a vegan doesn't offer anything other than plants then you need to try out Samphire Brasserie. It may mean you travelling if your not local but this little gem is in Plymouth City and has rave reviews on trip advisor and has been voted as one of the top vegan places to eat. It doesn't just do vegan junk food, it has a delightful lunch and takeaway menu as well.

My daughter took me there first and before I became a vegan. I left feeling amazed that nothing I had eaten had anything to do with animals. Here is what I had the other evening for a treat.

Samphire Brasserie's version of a plant based Big Mac named 'The Bigger Moc' £10.50 and wow the special sauce makes it taste like Mcdonalds own but BETTER!

Samphire Brasserie's version of a plant based Big Mac named 'The Bigger Moc' £10.50 and wow the special sauce makes it taste like Mcdonalds own but BETTER!



Lastly here are a few things that I have attempted myself.