How animals can inspire your interiors without you realising.

Designing a room in your home can be so much fun especially if you love animals.

Looking daily at different interior styles, colours and trends is such an inspiring thing for me and is visually pleasing. I then start to look at everyday aspects of life and the world and decided I would write about how colour schemes can reflect animals. Here are a few examples.

Who doesn't love the beauty of a peacock in all its glory, Green, Teal, Gold. One of the most luxurious and expensive looks. This is easily replicated in a living space using the rich colours and velvet fabrics.

One of my favourites. Black and White and Geometric. This look is so striking and can be softened down with if you want to with soft floating fabrics.

The use of colour in a garden I think is so important here in the UK, after all we do have pretty dreary weather with exception of the current climate for the summer of 2018. If you love bright primary colours where else would you get inspiration other than our tropical birds of paradise the stunning parrot family.

Old barns reclaimed wood, my first thoughts for this are old stables. The mixture of white painted wood alongside the beautiful restored beams, perfect colours that go so well together.

Flamingo, the trend of 2017 and now 2018, from wallpaper to duvet covers to lamps and neon lights, this is such an iconic look especially of the 1950's an era which I love.

So come on guys let me know what animal inspires your interiors. Would love to see your inspiration and design.

Claire HornComment