How many of you stick to pictures to fill your walls at home?

5 Ways to style the walls in your home or business.

When we decorate our rooms in our home, the finishing touches to that room are paramount to me when styling.

Here are 5 ways to dress your walls do you just use pictures? these are great and can also reflect your personal style. However there are some creative ways to do this, allowing you to showcase your prize possessions.


Most of us love music and no matter what age you quite possibly will have attended some gigs. Do you buy programmes? or posters so that you can remember that ultimate rock band that you follow round the country? Well why not use them as a gallery get them framed in different styled frames with colours to match the poster itself. Add the tickets stubbs..

If your not one to collect Paraphernalia then how about displaying the first vinyl that you purchased? single or album? unless of course its too embarrassing!!


Are you a traveller or have you travelled earlier in your life or do you intend to travel?

I love vintage world maps the older the better although make sure they contain all the countries and islands that you have visited. This is such a lovely way of you showcasing your memories and how much you have seen of this amazing world. Or as suggested how about using it as a way of making plans for the future.

How fab is this to also add the  currency from your jollies.

How fab is this to also add the  currency from your jollies.


Sporting equipment especially vintage can look amazing mounted on your wall if your brave enough. This can be done in a way that allows you to store your bike that you actually use especially if you lack storage. Although I would be cleaning it to make sure if looked gleaming. There is another way of investing in a vintage bike that has real patina and is not only a piece of history but is an antique. This could be a child's vintage bike hung in a kids bedroom to give it a little edge.

atom interior styling wall bike.jpg


Lighting can be used as a centre piece in your room and something that I will be investing in for our home. So how about swapping your lamps for a showcase bespoke neon light. Whether its a written message of just a symbol like a lightening strike! check out this brilliant company that can tailor make you your very own neon light. so get designing now and make it a great present to reveal to a loved one at a home party.

Amazing I LOVE LOVE LOVE  this look.

Amazing I LOVE LOVE LOVE  this look.


Finally here is the usual choice that we go for me included. The picture gallery. Make it different though from the normal add some shelves in between and plants it just makes the wall a little more 3d. don't forget you don't have to just frame family pictures you can frame anything you visually love, a shape an animal. Doing this is so creative and so much fun but don't forget your spirit level.

atom interior styling picture gallery.jpg