5 Reasons why you should go for a timber frame prefab when doing a self build.

Self Build Timber Frame Prefabricated Homes

So many of us move from home to home in search of finding the ultimate forever home. You do all the building work you can on your house to try and get it to the home you have dreamt of but is that possible? can you make a home that you haven't designed yourself into something that you feel you would never want to leave?

Myself and my partner have always dreamt of designing and building our own home. Spencer has always bought houses that have required work to get to a standard that he was happy with. However after doing so many and finding himself limited to what you can actually do, as with everybody in this situation. You can end up doing the same again and again. You can be even more limited if you live in a listed building. Our plan was to keep an eye out for some land in an area that we both loved, that was easy to still commute to either Exeter or Plymouth city if need be and was still close to friends and family.

Our plot came up and as we speak we are at the painful waiting stage of planning. After being delayed by three months due to issues with outline planning and the new flood risk assessment but that's another story.

My aim to this blog is to make people aware that this option is a possibility and can be done. It is my personal goal to work alongside Model D timber frame homes not only with our own build but to focus on offering these fantastic homes to housing associations as an affordable and sustainable development. Which is not only a great move for any housing association that are building housing to cater for many families but also helping them with their futures. Living a an energy sufficient home can cut bills drastically. I am also focused on helping others build their dreams.

So listing the 5 reasons I know will give you some idea of why we are doing it and why you can too.

  1. Firstly a huge factor in a self build is cost. Timber frame pre fab is by far the cheapest way to build. To give you an example estimation a 3 bed semi can be around £115,000 impressive ?
  2. So not only can the build be affordable, they are built with a higher energy reading than your standard bricks and mortar built home. So your bills will be significantly lower. More money saved. and more energy saved.
  3. Strength and durability can be engineered with precision to rival and surpass the strength of any brick built house, so it has the same life span as masonry. So no you wont be able to huff and puff and blow the house down.
  4. A huge reason for going with a timber frame pre fab is the speed of construction as it can take as little as 2 weeks to get the actual building up and water tight.
  5. You can go with the standard design otherwise you can alter to suit your exact living requirements or your Dream!

These are only a few of the benefits. So if you love the area you live in but hate your home is knocking down an option? if so start over and replace with a prefab even better the turnkey prefab. Or search for the perfect plot, doesn't have to be huge just has to be right for you.

If you would like further information or are thinking of starting a build yourself, Check out our new info page.... Model D Homes




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