5 suggestions on how to create a sustainable home.

What makes a sustainable home?

As long as everyone knows exactly what SUSTAINABLE means then we can move forward with updating our current properties making sure our future self builds are up to standards and best of all teach our children the meaning and why it is so important to the planet and how it will make their future look bright for themselves and their families.

Sustainable is a word we are hearing more and more and good to understand. Building a home that is sustainable will  have a lower impact on the environment and our future, it means less waste, low maintenance , giving us a better quality of life in the long tem.

I wanted to share some suggestions  for those of you that are not  up to speed on making your home as energy efficient as you would like. For those of you that are, these suggestions may be very basic, but my aim in this blog is to show how this can be done even if you aren't building your home from scratch and you aren't a building expert.

You can make these options as affordable as you can manage. By taking it step by step although the sooner you get it done the sooner you can start saving money on the costs of living.



A well insulated home will lower your heating bills as it can keep your home warm in the cold winter and cool in the heat of the summer. This then reduces carbon emissions which is linked to the global warming. Some examples of different types are........

  • Recycled thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Cellulose which is pretty much shredded newspaper, this is a great solution as It can be blown loosely into cavity walls, floors and roofs.
  • Wood chips which are compacted into boards and batons, it uses by products from the forestry industry. Some brands are Pavatex and Homatherm.

There are other  types that are not so widely used. Such as Sheep wool like Therma fleece, this wool should be treated with a chemical to stop mite infestation and also a chemical to make it fire proof. This performs exceptionally well.


Triple glazed windows and doors are beginning to overtake double glazing. Triple glazed is now used in the ultra low energy passive house standard requirements. So if your taking your time to insulate your house with any of the above then you really should do the same with the doors and windows.

Photo By Dorian Hurst

Photo By Dorian Hurst


Use locally sourced materials where possible as this reduces the effect that transportation has on the environment. My local quarry is Glendinings offering sustainable products.

Photo by Tim Chapman

Photo by Tim Chapman


Solar panels make the most of the sun when it appears. Solar panels can help reduce your electricity bills substantially and cut the cost of heating water which is called SWH Solar water heating converting sunlight into renewable energy for heating water. As mentioned below ask the qualified people at Teign Renewables

Photo by Andreas Gucklhorn

Photo by Andreas Gucklhorn


MVHR Mechanical  heat recovery ventilation, this is a genius invention. It provides fresh filtered air into a building while it retains most of the energy that has already been used in heating the building throughout the day. My local company  would be Teign Renewables. They will help you out with all your renewable sources.

I'm hoping this has given all of you people out there some food for thought and it will inspire you to make sure you can help the environment as well as give you an extra little spending money each month with the amount you can save yourself.