Why i would buy something Vintage over something New!

New v Vintage

When spending your money on home ware and interior items, do you spend it on Vintage antiques or new products? Or do you like to up cycle?

Do new pieces of furniture hold the test of time when it comes to wear and tear ?

Quite often i have gone out and bought a  new piece of furniture only to discover it just doesn't stand the test of time for wear and tear, not only that but the style tends to date quickly, due to the fact that if its sold on the high street then its more than likely that the whole street could have the same this is when I tend to get bored with looking at the same thing everywhere but if you were to buy a vintage piece and I'm not talking about something as early as the 80's I am talking about what i class as a vintage item that could be from the 1950's or an antique dating back to the Victorian times the furniture tends to hold its style, a little like fashion.

How many of you have worn something that your mum and dad have said wow I  used to wear exactly the same when they were younger but the quality just isn't the same?? I know my mum has, in fact I have a couple of my mums dresses from the 1970's which i still wear and yes they are much better quality. 

Now i am being honest here, If i was to buy a NEW piece of furniture i would buy something that was hand made or from a small local business. I believe that something that is hand made is made with love and not rushed or skimped on quality, because 9 times out of 10 the person wants to build a reputation and to sell their products. The same with a small business they have the same work ethos, or we would like to think so.

The Cornish Bed company are a fine example of beautiful products that are made with love and passion. I would always buy a new bed and have done in the past however to buy a bed that isn't from the standard high street and has been made by hand locally some how feels so much better. Especially when they are based on such beautiful traditional designs such as the Cornish beds. Check them out i'm sure you will see what i mean.

 Home Revival here is an example of a small business that does a refurbish service to some beautiful pieces of furniture, Furniture that has had a history and is in need of some tender loving care.

Sometimes we are fortunate to pick up a vintage sideboard or chest of drawers that we adore because of the style or how it has been hand crafted and how unique it is their own way, However sometimes we aren't lucky enough to get these gems in perfect condition some come with bad marks or may have been unprofessionally up cycled. This is where Home Revival steps in and does their magic. From Gold leaf to a fabulous hue that melts into your home. 

Yes we all love the occasional new chair or side table but when you see how well tatty old vintage pieces can end up you will be sure to go from New to Vintage.

So other than furniture there are other vintage items you can collect to make your home different. You may be wondering where to start? first think of an era that you love? do you love Art deco? are you a fifties guy or gal, are you more of a traveller and love worldy antiques?

Once you have decided then go search the internet for items of that decade or country. Grab a Millers antique book from your chosen year and start looking on Ebay or Etsy

We found this little gem in an amazing vintage store in Camden market in one of the arches called Planet Bizaar 

This is a Bavaria Schumann, Arzbero, Germany. So beautifully made not something you see everyday. These are a few of my vintage pieces that take pride place in our home.

So if you are planning to refurnish a room are you going for Vintage or New?? Would love to hear your views.

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