What is the safest flooring material for a house with kids?

Is there really a flooring that Is more safe than others?

Unless you are moving into a new build where you have the choice of flooring and your choice is taking into account the possibility that you may have children some day or you already have children. Then you maybe be asking this question.

There are many flooring materials on the market now that it can be hard to decide. Here are some examples of the flooring that are used throughout our households.

#1. Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are used in our homes especially in the kitchen and bathrooms here in the UK. Although if you visit a home that is in a country within a hotter climate then these are generally used throughout the entire home. As they are great for keeping cool.

#2. Natural wooden flooring.

Some of us are lucky enough to have natural wood flooring. Usually found in period homes. If you don't have this then its not impossible to lay it down. As long as you have finished it properly it can look gorgeous. My favourite has to be the Parquet flooring.

#3. Polished Concrete flooring


Another flooring that Is created using natural materials. This is a real show case look for me. I really like this. Perfect for homes in a hotter climate.

This is a real specialised type of flooring giving a unique industrial look. So hard wearing if it has been laid and protected correctly. A flooring that can age well with wear and tear.

#4. Laminate flooring.


The main point I would like to make here is that when choosing a laminate flooring for your home. You need to make sure you have a good budget for this. I wouldn't always say quality comes when you pay more for it. However I really think with this product it does. In fact many areas within a home should have a higher budget. This being Flooring, windows and insulation.

Quickstep offer a really good range of laminate flooring including a vinyl laminate tile which offers some water protection so can now be used in a kitchens and bathrooms. https://www.flooringsupplies.co.uk/browse/2/12/b/product-type=carpet

#5. Carpets

atominteriorstyling plymouth.jpg

Carpets to me I feel are dying out slightly. Most properties I have seen have wooden or ceramic tiles, although carpet is still holding out in most bedrooms and usually as a runner on a staircase. For me having a dog and having lovely fluffy beige carpet means a lot of hard work for me to keep clean. I am not one to shy away from hard work but I’ve had experience of muddy dogs and carpets and they don't mix well.

#6. Rugs


Rugs are so versatile. There are so many different colours and patterns and materials. They can be cotton, woollen, nylon and hessian.

So when it comes to Interior Styling and choosing the flooring when you have children in your household this is the order of what I class as the safest going down to least desirable.

  1. Carpet this is if you really are concerned for when your child falls, although this isn't the most desirable when it comes to maintenance and look.

  2. Laminate this is for those that would like the wooden look but with out the splinters. We all know that babies crawl and the chance of spllnters are pretty high if the floors aren't sanded or maintained properly.

  3. Vinyl flooring, not something I would go for if you are looking for a durable long term flooring. However this is quite a soft texture so is child friendly.

  4. Natural wood flooring. As mentioned above can cause splinters if not maintained properly. These can be used and covered with rugs.

  5. Polished Concrete. This I have placed above tiles because there is less hazard of a cracked tile causing cuts to a babies knee whilst crawling. there is also less of a trip hazard because the texture is smooth.

  6. Ceramic tiles. I would say this is probably the most unsafe flooring you can have for a home full of children. As I have stated above there is a chance of a broken tile or uneven tiles, but the main hazard for a child is if they were to fall on this then they would gain a far worse injury than on carpet.

When my children were younger I had tiles and natural wood flooring but I used a lot of rugs on the areas that they would be playing on. So if you are in a home that you don't have the chance to choose the flooring before you move in as you would In a new home and you are concerned about the state of the flooring then add some large rugs. Its unusual that a child would be badly injured from flooring.

What flooring do you have ?

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