So the day is here.

The countdown is over welcome to collection #12

Our walls tell stories from days of the past always have and always will. However history has not repeated itself here, it has been revamped and modernised still with the same art deco feeling of luxurious, elegance and architectural refinements but with new bold patterns bright colours soft and striking geometric shapes in different dimensions and uneven surfaces.

Welcome to Murals of Deco.

You can make a feature wall in your kitchen or make a bold statement by covering every wall in your living space, or how about give some well deserved attention to your bedroom ceiling by yes you got it using a mural on the ceiling. Falling asleep will never be the same.


Either way you can add it to an area in your home or business that you love.

There are now 12 ranges that I can offer you and wow i wish i had a big enough house to showcase them all. My top two have got to be the Big Diamond Marble and Terrazzo.

Terrazzo came onto the interior scene last year with kitchen and bathroom tiles and its most famous for it flooring back in the day, no matter where you put it there is always a place that needs transforming and this certainly does the job.

All of the wallpapers are £33 /m2 and come with free paste.

To place you order please follow the link and happy shopping.

Here is a few more to swoon over and help you decide.

Love Claire x

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