Can you really decorate your home to help your health?

Decorate your home with care

There are some many nasty things we breath in everyday with out even knowing it.

Filling our lungs with all types of toxins. As you know I sell a designer paint called Painthouse and I am so proud to represent a company that takes pride in the product and not just the presentation. They are top of the list on both presentation and quality along with product care.


So Painthouse is Child and pet safe, we all love our pets like they’re another child. So knowing this when choosing a paint that will stay on the walls of your home for many years allows you to have peace of mind. Knowing that it’s been tested and approved.

The paint is water based and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) free, with an AC Gold award. The no nasty formulation contains none of the solvents that evaporate in oil-based paints. Making Painthouse kinder to you your family and also your nose. That is why its classed as Child and pet safe and smell free. A bonus for any decorator that is surrounded by paint all day. Also allowing us to be confident that we can paint children’s toys and furniture.


Some more advantages of Painthouse is that its so hard-wearing allowing it to be wipe-able. The clever in house chemist have worked hard to develop the ultimate paint formula. Painthouse paints need NO primer and are easy to apply. They dry with a smooth Matt finish and marks can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth. It’s like SUPER PAINT !

Painthouse is quick drying ready to touch in just 30 minutes at a room temp of 20 degrees c, which allows for any quick paint projects you may have, because with such a busy lifestyle nowadays we tend to spend our time off at weekends doing home improvements. The most annoying thing when decorating is the time you have to wait for it to dry. So if you are painting a bedroom you can be confident to sleep in there as soon as its dry and be happy at the fact it wont take up your whole down time.

Buying more than one type of paint for different surfaces is now a thing of the past with Painthouse.

No more buying separate paints for wood work. One paint for everything is so much easier. The only time you need to buy more than one tin is if you are alternating the colours.

So a recap on all of the Painthouse paint benefits………….

#1 One paint so suitable for for walls ceilings and wood including

Skirting-Windowsills-Doors-Doorframes-Bannisters-Architraves-Tables-Chairs-Wardrobes-Chest of drawers-bedframes and kitchen doors so pretty much EVERYTHING!

#2 Non Toxic

#3 Smell free

#4 Wipe - able

#5 Quick drying

#6 Colourful

To shop Painthouse follow the link and if you need any help towards what colour is best for your room drop me a line.

Love Claire


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