Do you have a growing child?

If you have a child and love Interiors then this is a read for you.

If you have children you will know that you can go from one day to the next without realising that they are growing at a rate that is sadly way to quick. We all want out little ones to stay young for longer but no matter how hard you try there is really no getting away from it.

When you are expecting your child, you decorate their room with a certain look. You fill the room with furniture that is practical and suitable for a new born.

Your child then reaches the toddler age and you change the cot to a bed and the blankets to a mini duvet. The wardrobe needs to change because sadly the clothes get bigger and there is more toys to find storage for. Shelves for books because the joys of reading your child a bedtime story has started ( I miss that so much)

Designing your child’s bedroom can be an aid towards their development. A child’s personal space is really important. This allows them to take charge of their own belongings allowing them to understand that we all as a family have our own personal space and especially our own style. Although it depends on age but your child can work with you to design their room allowing them to explore their creativity which is vital for development.

Don’t be afraid to use colours within their room and even wallpapers.

If your creative then your child is more likely to follow in your footsteps. That’s a good thing right?

You need to make your child’s room somewhere that they love to go to. This helps them to be to enjoy and love their own company to also learn to play alone as well as relating well to others can give your child confidence and teach them to not rely on others to stimulate their brain.

I love looking at Interior trends and it is mostly aimed at adults so today I thought i would bring you some inspiration and how i would consider decorating my child’s room if they were still young. My two girls are 21 and 18 so they totally have their own styles but throughout their child hood they have had many a colour added to their rooms, from pinks to lilacs to Primary Blue, Canary Yellow and Orange. Obviously not all at the same time.

Atom Interior Styling Plymouth

When you see a picture of your child smiling and laughing it means everything, just like this picture. So to make your child’s room a fab place for them to play alone or to invite their friends round and to get them smiling like this in their own space. Follow the link below to see these gorgeous beds.

So to create the room with wallpaper try using Cuddle clouds available from Atom Interior Styling such a relaxing wallpaper to use for a child’s room especially when you can have it adapted for the ceiling. Wallpapering the ceiling ????? yes its not like it was back in the 80’s when that Anaglypta was used on ceiling.These are now pieces of art they really do look amazing and don’t think you have to have high ceiling because you really don’t.

atom Interior styling rebel walls.jpg

Imagine your child drifting off to sleep looking at this ceiling. In fact its enough for anyone to fall asleep.


Inspire your child

Shapes,colours and textures

There are simple ways to create a room worthy of a growing child. Its all down to the furniture you choose and the colours of the walls. I am happy to be selling a paint that Is one of the best brands I have come across that gives you piece of mind with regards to being completely toxin free. No smell and quick drying.

To get the look above try using………………………………

Painthouse Alfie.

Painthouse Pearl

Visit Maisons Du Monde on the links above and below to shop their fabulous furniture and give your kiddies room the style it deserves.

If your proud of your childs room I would love to see pictures. Please leave your comments below.

Love Claire