Looks who's joined Etsy!

For furniture with a difference.

A while ago I was lucky enough to purchase a beautiful piece of furniture from Sarah @homerevival.

I had spotted it a while back after she had done her magic on it and I had forgotten about it until it was reposted in a sale. So thank fully jumping straight on it I managed to get my hands on it.

I love collecting pieces of furniture which are bespoke.. This really suits my style. That is the great thing about Home Revival’s furniture you really are getting something original and as I have said many times in my Interior blog. Showing your personal style in your home or business is great and can be done in so many ways but this has got to be the one of the top 2 ways to do it. Its so lovely when someone visits the house, the comments are always on how unique and fab this side board looks.

You can see my sideboard is just one of the examples see below whats available NOW!

Add a wow factor to your bedroom or a guest room.

Add a wow factor to your bedroom or a guest room.

See for your self follow the link to see what unique bits of furniture you can grab for your home.

Would love to hear from you and see pictures of your Home Revival furniture you have in your home.


Happy shopping

Love Claire x

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