Are You Ready For A Summer In Your Garden?

Summer Loving Happens so fast!

Every year if you are lucky enough to have a garden you will find that it gets pretty battered throughout the Autumn and Winter seasons. So, when it comes to the better weather which usually starts in Spring depending on where you live you are left with a rather over grown and messy garden.

Making use of a garden makes complete sense especially if you are lacking in space in your home. It is easy to accomplish. Depending on what budget you may have you can even add an additional room within a garden house, or if your budget is smaller then create an area that can give you a comfortable outside space that could be covered with an elegant gazebo or why not make your own timber framed pergola.

Inside Outside

Inside Outside

Whatever suits your style or budget, extra space can easily be created. After doing some research on the web I came across LIONSHOME . You can get everything you need to create a beautiful garden all in one place. How much easier can it be for us to style our gardens thanks to this type of resource.

There are many products available at the click of a button. You simply just go to the category Garden and away you go.

 What makes a garden perfect for relaxing in and hosting summer parties for all your friends and family? These are my top 3 on my agenda for getting a garden space that can be lovely even when the weather isn’t.


Get your lighting right.

Solar panelled lights are a nice edition however they must be in constant sun to be really effective and worth while. Lets face it we can’t rely on the weather can we. So having something that we know won’t let us down makes it easy for us.

My favourite lighting are the Festoon string lighting. The bulbs give off such a magical atmosphere and even more magical when you drape them across trees or as I mentioned earlier on a wooden pergola.

Magical Festoon Lighting String

Magical Festoon Lighting String


Choose comfortable and practical furniture.

I believe that if you have an area that is covered over but still outside then make the most of getting comfortable seating. An option could be to build a seating banquette and cover it with cushions.  You can get some beautiful garden cushions that are varied in size but more hardy than your usual interior cushion.

Then to fill the space that hasn’t got cover get a nice bistro set or if you have a big family to feed then a full-size table with chairs can be more practical. I don’t know about you, but I love eating alfresco whether its breakfast on a bright morning or a dinner on a warm evening.

Garden Scatter Cushions

Garden Scatter Cushions


If you work full time and value your spare time choose your plants carefully.

After doing my research the LIONSHOME website really does have everything in one place.

Yes, even plants. If you have the space in your garden then using railways sleepers to make a raised bed can allow you to plant some nice hardy plants, Ferns, Grasses and Palms always look good throughout the whole year and are easy to maintain. Choosing the correct ones can almost make your garden feel like a tropical paradise so ideal for taking you back to a holiday memory. I would then use planters and when I say planters, I don’t mean terracotta plastic plant pots I mean ceramic planters that are varied in size and pattern. This gives so much more interest and depth to you garden space. Fill them with colourful flowers that can be changed easily season after season.  Herbs are also a practical and a visually pleasing way to decorate a garden area as well. Adding them to your summer salads yummy!

There you go my top three ways to create an adorable space that gets you out into the fresh air. Morning noon and night.

Get ready for those wonderful summer evenings. We then soon forget all those cold and frosty nights we have been subjected to throughout the winter.


Love Claire


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